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The most important question. The answer to all your hesitations. Now that I've created the blog using a cool stack and have no more excuses to not write anything here. Here goes:

ZenJournal was started of my need to log things quickly. It was created for me – me who used to scribble on a paper journal logging all my stream of concsiousness, me who always have random ideas popping into my head, me who have tried all the other journal apps1 but was never satisfied.

I wanted a journal app that's:

That's not too much to ask, is it?

After looking and couldn't find one, I came up with a few crazy alternatives (including using a private Telegram group), and then I realized none of these solutions work well as I envisioned. So I bite the bullet and ZenJournal was built.

Version One of ZenJournal was launched at 2018 on ProductHunt. Version 2.0 a year later that introduced Discreet Mode[^2] the first time. And now we are on Version 3, with a refreshed design, and photo logs.

The next logical question is: Why am I still pushing this forward? Knowing a journaling app is not something you should build in the year 2021 (or any other year) as explicitly called out by indie maker leader @levelsio, what is propelling me?

Because three years and thousands logs later, I'm still actively using ZenJournal. Since abandoning paper journaling after college, I've never stuck with journaling for so long. As life outside of our personal bubble in real world or on social media gets more and more overwhelming, I still believe ZenJournal can help me find that precious balance that I so often dearly lack. I hope it can also help you find yours too.

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  1. Here are a dozen that's installed on my Phone: Day One, Journey, Standard Notes, Agenda, CardDiary, Reflectly, Sunset, stoic, Momento, Grid Diary, Noted, 喵记... I usually have a handful of reasons why I don't like them. I got a dozen reasons just for Day One. [^2 ]: One of my favorite unique feature: that you can open and start logging with discreet mode on, and no one can see what you just wrote.