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External Memory with Lightning Fast Input + Retrieval.
For All Your Overflowing Ideas and Thoughts...
The Quickest way to Declutter Your Mind.
Everything within 2-taps.
Faster than Any Other Journaling Apps.

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Open and Type.


Simple and efficient
This app is exactly as described. I especially like the hashtag feature. I’m using it to keep a simple, clean diary, to record observations and thoughts easily. I checked out several diary apps and found this one is the best for me.

- App Store Review

This app is perfect.
I wanted to start journalling to get my thoughts out of my head to set them aside. I'm a planner, so I started researching. I quickly got sucked into a vortex comparing subscription plans, lifetime costs and features. I was stressing out trying to pick a platform to help me not stress out. This app is perfect. It's intuitive and elegant in its simplicity. I open, I write. No intrusions (ads) and no distractions ("great streak!" "Look at this map!" "What's your mood?!"). It just lets me write.

-Play Store Review

I think this one is a keeper.
I really like it. I dont feel overwhelmed or even sad when I use it. Nothing I need to accomplish. No book to fill up. No charts. No moods.
Weird. But each app I try to use (or even physical notes) its too much to handle. This is easy. I really like the # too.
I think this one is a keeper. I like it a lot
- Reddit User

Nails the core functionality
This is probably the only journal app I would ever care to use. As of writing it does not require you to lock in to its system. Your data is yours to take with you via a JSON export. The idea of open and write is exactly what a journal should be.
- App Store Review

Why ZenJournal?

✦ What if journaling could be as fast, simple, and addictive as chatting or tweeting?

✦ Don't rage quit social network, have a balance, life should not always be permanently displayed and curated, keep a private journal.

✦ No title needed, just start typing...

✦ Tried a dozen journaling apps, added a handful entries once a few months, still searching for THE ONE?

✦ Offline only. Free forever for current features. No subscriptions, no sign in and constant notifications...

✦ May the year 2019 be the year you can finally remember in the year 2039.

What sets it apart? In 30 seconds 👉


Open and Type.

Open and log

Faster than chatting or tweeting. Unrivaled by any other journaling apps.
✦ Open and type. There is no Step 3 to 5.
✦ Speed = Zero-Stress = More frequent entries.
New Entry Button > Journal Title > Staring at Empty Entry Page

Double tap to hide

✦ Double tap to toggle "Discreet Mode".
✦ Keep on logging as usual, your logs becomes obfuscated text blocks "░ ░" as you add them.
ProTip: Perfect for logging in public spaces or showing off your logs to friends or social media. Works with search too.

Open and Type.
Open and Type.

FaceID/TouchID Lock Mode

✦ Lock your logs so no one can access your logs without FaceID/TouchID, with fallback to passcode.
✦ When "Lock Mode" is toggled, you have to authenticate before you can toggle Discreet Mode, export, share or delete your logs.

Organize everything with #hashtags

✦ Insert #hashtag anywhere in your logs.
✦ Automatically suggest recent used tags as you type.
✦ Tap on any #hashtag to filter logs on stream.
ProTip: You can even use hashtags like #happy or #sad to log and track moods.

Open and Type.
Open and Type.

Unified search reimagined

Transform your journal to the fastest external logging and retrieving memory system:
✦ Simply type in ? into the text field (or use the ? button) and you have started searching. e.g.: ?keyword.
✦ Combine ? with # to filter logs with ?#hashtag.

100 days heatmap

✦ Just pull up on your stream to see a heatmap of your last 100 logging activities.
Protip: It even works with search and #hashtags.
e.g.: If you want to see how many days you were happy in last 100 days:
Simply type: ?#happy and pull up.

Open and Type.
Open and Type.

Offline First · Full ownership

✦ Easily backup and restore your logs. It's just a plain JSON file. You can open it easily, even import your old logs from other apps if you know some scripting.
✦ There is no sign up, no internet access needed, no subscription. All your journals belongs to you and you only.
✦ Check out our Privacy Policy.

Dark Mode first

✦ Designed first and foremost for "Dark Mode".
✦ Automatically syncs with system Dark Mode (iOS only).
✦ You can switch to Light Mode anytime in just two taps.
✦ Inspired by Superhuman

Open and Type.

How does it compare to X?

TaskTraditional Journal App (i.e.: Day One, Journey etc.)ZenJournal
  • 1. Open
  • 2. New entry
  • 3. Entry type
  • 4. Write title
  • 5. Start journaling...
Open and type.
  • 1. Find entry
  • 2. Tap open entry
  • 3. Horizontally scroll between entries.
Scroll and read all logs.
  • 1. Open search bar
  • 2. Enter keyword
  • 3. Tap Search
  • 4. Pick a match to expand...
Type "?" with keyword to start filtering.

Currently supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
Tweet at us @thezenjournal for support, feedback, or more frequent updates and upcoming features like encryption, auto-backup and more log types.

  • Download on the App Store
  • Download on the Google Play Store

Maker Origin Story

A while ago, Shao (@randomor) was on paternity leave and wanted to record moments of his baby and all the random/crazy ideas he had.
He wanted to find a journaling app that's as fast and simple as chatting.
To his surprise, he couldn't find any.
So he created ZenJournal.