Lightning fast, zero-stress journaling reimagined.



Simple and efficient
This app is exactly as described. I especially like the hashtag feature. I’m using it to keep a simple, clean diary, to record observations and thoughts easily. I checked out several diary apps and found this one is the best for me.

🇺🇸USA App Store Review

ZenJournal is the only one I’ve liked right out of the gate. It took me a second if poking around to get what the buttons are. I really like it. What does the question mark button do?


Feels really amazing, needs password protection!
The app is really satisfying to use! I never knew I could write this well before. It’s amazing to just pour your thoughts out and log them really fast. Please, add in a password/pin protection as well as face id to protect our sensitive data asap!

🇮🇳India App Store Review

Love it!
I signed up for the newsletter when you posted your ad for the app in /r/privacy. It is great as of now and functions as it should. Its also surprisingly small for what potential it has I have just started using it so I will update this review if anything changes. Im still waiting for the encryption though, would be a nice thing to have
🇬🇧UK App Store Review

Why ZenJournal?

✦ What if journaling could be as simple, fast, and addictive as chatting or tweeting?

✦ Don't rage quit social network, have a balance, life should not always be permanently displayed and curated, keep a private journal.

✦ No title needed, just start typing...

✦ Offline only. Free forever for current features. No subscriptions, no sign in and constant notifications...

✦ May the year 2019 be the year you can finally remember in 2039.

✦ Tried a hundred journaling apps, written a handful entries, once a few months, still searching for THE ONE?


Everything on the Stream

Open and Log

Faster than chatting or tweeting. Unrivaled by any other journaling apps.
Open and type. There is no Step 3 to 5. Speed = Zero-Stress = More frequent entries.New Entry Button > Journal Title > Staring at Empty Entry Page

Organize everything with #hashtags

Insert #hashtag anywhere in your logs. Automatically suggest recent used tags as you type.Tap on any #hashtag to filter logs on stream.ProTip: You can even use hashtags like #happy or #sad to log and track moods.

Hashtag Autocomplete

Unified search reimagined

Transform your journal to the fastest external logging and retrieving memory system:
Simply type in ? into the text field (or use the ? button) and you have started searching. e.g.: ?keyword.Combine ? with # to filter logs with ?#hashtag.

100 days Heatmap

Just pull up on your stream to see a heat map of your last 100 logging activities.
Protip: It even works with search and #hashtags.
e.g.: If you want to see how many days you were happy in last 100 days:
Simply type: ?#happy and pull up.

Pull up for heat map
Backup and Restore

Offline First · full ownership

Easily backup and restore your logs. It's just a plain JSON file. You can open it easily, even import your old logs from other apps if you know some scripting.There is no sign up, no internet access needed, no subscription. All your journals belongs to you and you only.Check out our Privacy Policy.

Dark Mode First

ZenJournal is a "Dark-Mode-First" app.
That means everything is first designed & optimized for Dark Mode for true #000000 OLED experience.
You can switch to Light mode anytime you want in just two taps.

Dark Mode First

How does it compare to X?

TaskZenJournalTraditional Journal App
AddOpen and type.1. Open 2. New entry 3. Entry type 4. Write title 5. journaling.
ReadScroll and read all logs.1. Find entry 2. Tap open entry 3. Horizontally scroll between entries.
SearchType ? and keyword to start filtering and reading.1. Open Sidebar 2. Tap "search" 3. Enter keyword 4. Pick a match to expand

Currently supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It's Free forever.*
Tweet at us @thezenjournal for support, feedback, or more frequent updates and upcoming features like encryption, passcode support and more logs types.

*Current features are free forever. Future paid features maybe planned.

Maker Origin Story

A while ago, Shao (@randomor) was on paternity leave and wanted to record moments of his baby and all the random/crazy ideas he had.
He wanted to find a journaling app that's as fast and simple as chatting.
To his surprise, he couldn't find any.
ZenJournal was born.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. ZenJournal does not collect, transmit, or store any personal information outside of the app. Your private logs will never leave your device without your explicit action and permission.

If you use the Backup function in the app, the backup file you created are currently not encrypted (we are working on it). Please treat the file with ultimate caution when storing and exporting, because anyone with access to the file can open your logs.

We don’t share any personally identifying information publicly or with third-parties. We don't even have analytics, your feedback and reviews are the only way for the developer to understand your usage and needs of the app.

To provide you with the best app experience, we may update this private policy from time to time as we make changes to the app.

Your continued use of ZenJournal will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around privacy and personal information. If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us: support@thezenjournal.com

This policy is effective as of 1 October 2018.

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